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Traditional Layers (Dual-Purpose)

A dual-purpose chicken consists of a laying hen that lays eggs well and of which the brother is capable of growing sufficiently in order to become a valuable animal within the food chain. Our aim is to offer a valuable alternative for killing the day-old male chicks. And at the same time, to keep a hen that produces fewer eggs and develops less negative ‘side’ effects that is linked to maximum laying rates. A good example of the latter is the high prevalence of keel bone fractures in high performance hens.

The first flock of Sasso Silver parent stock is now being kept in the Netherlands. The offspring are dual purpose chickens. Fair Poultry takes care of the veterinary supervision of this parent stock and provides veterinary care for the rearing of the dual-purpose offspring. Despite the small scale, the flock is monitored for the absence of infectious diseases and the chicks are vaccinated