Vera Bavinck

Vera is biologist and veterinarian. After finishing her veterinary education in Utrecht (2009) she starting working as a veterinary surgeon in mixed-practice in Australia for several years. During this time, and getting back to The Netherlands, she already got interested in laying hens. In 2017 she joined the AviVet team in Lunteren (NL). Besides her veterinary work in this laying hen practice, within AviVet she developed the Chicken Compass, which is a practical method for monitoring the welfare of laying hens and improving it through adaptation in the farm’s management.

Roland Bronneberg

Since his graduation at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Utrecht, 1997) Roland developed a passion for ostriches and laying hens; and more specifically, it’s egg production. During his PhD thesis he studied and described the more fundamental aspects of these seasonal breeders (Utrecht, 2008). At the same time, he worked as a veterinary practitioner in the laying hen business: firstly, at Verbeek’s Hatcheries and Pullet Rearing Company in Lunteren (NL), and later, at a more international level, within Lohmann (Cuxhaven, DE). In 2009, he founded AviVet, a veterinary poultry practice in the center of Holland that in 12.5 years time developed into a specialized team with 11 employees.